COOKIES WITH BROWN SUGAR POWDER 100мин easy 14 portions SWEET TRUFFELS WITH BROWN CANE SUGAR 30мин easy 15 portions DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH COCONUT SUGAR 50мин easy 8 portions TEA CAKE WITH APPLE, MOLASSES AND BIO BROWN CANE SUGAR 70мин easy 8 portions NEW YEAR HONEY CAKE 100мин complex 10 portions CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD 60мин fairly easy 30 portions HOLIDAY CRANBERRIES PIE 100мин fairly easy 10 portions CHRISTMAS STOLLEN 150мин fairly easy 10 portions DELICIOUS MILK CREAM 20мин easy 5 portions CARAMEL LOLLIPOPS 30мин easy 5 portions CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 30мин easy 2 portions VEGAN MUFFINS WITH APPLE ROSES 50мин easy 10 portions TART PAVLOVA 120мин fairly easy 4 portions COLORFUL RAW PICKLE (for three-liter jar) 10мин easy CARROTS CAKE 40мин fairly easy 8 portions VELVET TARTS WITH CREME BRULEE 60мин fairly easy 12 portions BARBECUE SAUCE WITH MOLASSES 20мин easy 2 portions BAKED PEACHES WITH CRUSHED ALMOND BISCUITS 40мин fairly easy 4 portions FRUIT GRATIN WITH SABAYON AND ALMOND PRALINES 30мин easy 2 portions BÛCHE DE NOËL (CHRISTMAS STUMP) 50мин fairly easy 4 portions HOMEMADE LIQUEUR WITH BERRIES 60мин easy 4 portions BANANA FRAPPE FOSTER 60мин easy 6 portions RAW CANDIES WITH PISTACHIOS AND CRANBERRIES 60мин easy 4 portions BIO GRANOLA BAR 60мин easy 4 portions AROMATIC CAKE WITH SOUR CHERRIES 50мин fairly easy 7 portions CHARLOTTE BISCUIT 40мин fairly easy 6 portions