Chef Georgi Ermenkov

My name is Georgi Ermenkov and I am professional chef and culinary adventurer by vocation.

I specialize in France at Philippe Hardy in Mascara restaurant with two Michelin stars. In Bulgaria I passed through the school of Carlos Marsal – chef of the French Embassy. I worked in Continental Plaza, Euro Plaza, Matty-D, Bar Capital in Sheraton, restaurant Barbecue, Monterey, Templars, Rapongi, Pyrenees, Royal Towers Bansko, restaurant Door. I’ve been leading the culinary section in the TV show Coffee with Gala. Now I’m the head chef of a restaurant-pizzeria Victoria.

Besides French cuisine, my passion is traveling. I am captain of a small ship, which reach to the farthest corners of the world.

I love to descent in the lives of locals, to discover new flavours and ingredients.

Instead souvenirs I come back with new recipes that remind me of my travels.