Chef Georgi Ermenkov

My name is Georgi Ermenkov and I am professional chef and culinary adventurer by vocation.

I specialize in France at Philippe Hardy in Mascara restaurant with two Michelin stars. In Bulgaria I passed through the school of Carlos Marsal – chef of the French Embassy. I worked in Continental Plaza, Euro Plaza, Matty-D, Bar Capital in Sheraton, restaurant Barbecue, Monterey, Templars, Rapongi, Pyrenees, Royal Towers Bansko, restaurant Door. I’ve been leading the culinary section in the TV show Coffee with Gala. Now I’m the head chef of a restaurant-pizzeria Victoria.

Besides French cuisine, my passion is traveling. I am captain of a small ship, which reach to the farthest corners of the world.

I love to descent in the lives of locals, to discover new flavours and ingredients.

Instead souvenirs I come back with new recipes that remind me of my travels.

Brown candy crystals

In Belgium brown sugar crystals Passiflora are known by the name sugar candy. Use them to sweeten hot drinks and herbal infusions.

When my kids want “something sweet” I prefer to give a crystal Passiflora, instead of wrapped coloured candy because the crystals contain no additives or preservatives.

With the crystals are obtained attractive cocktails and their caramel flavour complements the taste of tea and coffee.

Sugar Molasses

Have you tried sugar molasses before? When I first encountered this product I was really impressed. Deep, strong flavour, hard sticky texture. Inspirational product for aromatic Christmas cakes, and for Indian chutney or sauce to flavour meat.

Brown cane sugar

I love the smell of brown cane sugar Passiflora. In gastronomy is known by the name Demerara. The essence is that it’s natural an unrefined product. Replace white sugar with brown in all recipes that allow. Note that it is slightly wetter than ordinary white sugar. For that you need to adjust the amount of liquid ingredients.

Brown powdered sugar

In the world there are several types of culinary powdered sugar depending on the size of the granules. They are generally divided into icing sugar for sprinkling i.e. fine powder sugar and caster sugar, which is coarse and is suitable for the preparation of pastries.

Brown powdered sugar Passiflora is the kind of “golden caster sugar”. There is a nice golden colour and deep flavour.

Organic brown sugar

I believe the future is in organic production. The rules of organic farming follow the laws of nature and do not violate the natural balance. I use organic sugar Passiflora in all recipes that I make for my family. I think so provide them with clean food and I’m sure in the origin of ingredients.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is extracted from the colours of the coconut palm, crystallizes and is converted into fine crystals. It has a lower glycaemic index compared with ordinary sugar.