About us

About the brand

As food lovers of and addicted travellers we’d like to share with you our culinary adventure called Passiflora.

We started from the island of Mauritius – paradise situated in the Indian Ocean, where besides the incredible nature, you can enjoy the juicy sugarcane stalks. From it the local population produces aromatic raw sugar with a different texture and colour- from saturated dark brown sugar molasses through the golden cane sugar until light golden caster. We passed the green Indonesia, where we found the exotic sugar produced from the flowers of the coconut palm.

We found that Indians are one of the largest producers of organic sugar, which we tasted and liked.

Returning to Europe, we visited the cosy vintage bakeries in Belgium, where we were served coffee with large brown shiny crystals with a slight caramel flavour.

And lest there be an adventure too sweet to us, we began to discover and natural savoury flavours.

We reached the Himalayas, where we brought pink Himalayan salt crystals.

We went to Tunisia, where we found natural sea salt from the warm Mediterranean.

So we formed our original collection sugar and salt and call it Passiflora (passion flower) in honour of our love in food and travel.

About the company

Behind the brand Passiflora stands company SuiCo.

We started work in 1996 and step by step walked the long way to the large enterprise in the food industry with modern machinery and diversity of products.

Our portfolio of brands includes Krina and La Garone.

About the company

Our enterprise is certified according to the rules of International Food Standard, version 6.1 and our organic food is certified under EU Regulation 834/2007 for trading with bio products.

For us saving the environment is very important. That’s why all Passiflora packages are cardboard and bio degradable.

Our exciting journey continue today. We are discovering new flavours that will soon share with you. We will be happy if you join us.